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I offer a friendly and down-to-earth approach to therapy.

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Intimacy in relationships is complex, messy, even traumatic at times. Beyond our relational dynamics, the business of life and extended hours online can affect our ability to create true intimacy with ourselves and our partners

I am here to help you create deep and lasting intimacy in your relationships and learn techniques to help you be fully present to joy in your body, and your sexual experiences, enabling you to be fully known and fully loved.

What are the most common


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How Therapy Works

Painful Intercourse
Mismatched Sex Drives
Cyber Infidelity
Sexual Shame or Guilt
Deepening Intimacy
Difficulty Reaching Orgasm

“Am I normal?” is a question I get asked all the time. Whether it is questioning sexual functioning, sexual behaviour and desires, or sexual orientation , we feel ashamed if we do not fit into our idea of “normal” sexuality that we have been taught in life.

We are all exposed to harmful messages surrounding sexuality as we grow up. Possibly one of the most harmful being the idea of what is “normal”. 

It is OK to want help. You should never have to feel depressed or anxious about sex.

Whether you are alone, or in partnership, I will start a session with a comprehensive background and sexual history inventory, as well as find out about your upbringing and various aspects of your life.

We will discuss your particular concern and I will work you over follow up sessions to help you create the dream sex life you have wanted. 

Whether you prefer to conduct your sessions in person (Cape Town based) or online, we work in a space and manner that is easiest and feels safest for you.

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