Sex In Lockdown | Use Your Words

Can you say what you feel? Oftentimes the more time we spend with a person the less we end up actually saying to them. In lockdown this is bound to be an issue in many relationships, as you share your space and in turn assume that you are also experiencing the space in the same […]

Sex In Lockdown | Outdoor Sex

Sexy Time In Lockdown | Outdoors : Where is your favourite spot? There is something primal about sex outdoors. Being naked outdoors connects us with each other and with nature in a way that is profound, and for many, a spiritual experience. It can be an expression of absolute freedom. Lockdown can be a wonderful […]

Sex In Lockdown | Unleash Your Inner Animal

What is your inner animal? Following on from the roleplaying post, sometimes its good to dig deep and discover your inner animal. When is the last time you were completely yourself – fully expressing every aspect of who you are in bed? Maybe this is the time to try. If that sounds a little woo […]

Sex In Lockdown | Roleplaying

Maybe it’s time to try on your alter ego Some people find the idea of roleplaying intimidating. And it can be if the only exposure you have had to it leaves you thinking that it means your partner essentially wants to be having sex with someone other than you. But this isn’t the case at […]

Sex In Lockdown | The Office Fantasy

How many times have you fantasised about getting it on in your office? Since you’re probably working from home, this is the perfect time for a little spontaneous office play time. Pop around to your partner’s desk for a quick “coffee” and enjoy! Make it worth your while. Dress to impress – half the fun […]

Sex In Lockdown | Sexting

Sexy Time In Lockdown | Sexting : As we start to look toward Spring and warmer weather here in the Southern Hemisphere, let’s look at some ways to heat things up in the bedroom too.With lockdown affecting many of us in a number of ways, one of them can be starting to get in a […]

Ghosts of Dates Past

For anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you will be well aware, if not intimately acquainted with the fiasco that is modern dating. From mastering the art of an online profile, to knowing how to filter past the fuck boys and girls (ladies, you are not innocent here), and surviving the first meeting, most of us have clawed together some kind of sense of how to navigate those initial waters

So…do you watch your clients…you know…do stuff?

Whether I watch clients engaging in sexy time is a question that I get asked a LOT, and the answer is no, I don’t. I am a sexologist who practices coaching with individuals and couples who want to work through issues or improve their sex lives and relationships with each other and themselves. In other […]